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Thursday, October 27, 2011


We've been busy at school muraling and making the walls of our school colorful and full of life ... check out our completed projects!


in progress

Fall Bulletin Board

Wonderful colorful Bulletin board

Nature Art

We had a trip to a park and we wanted to make things different this year by incorporating in different activities such as Bird Watching, Nature Poetry, Field Games, and Nature Art! For my Nature Art activity I found the idea of creating animals and pictures using leaves from nature. We collected different shaped leaves and colored leaves and I provided students with glue, paper, and scissors. Students were very creative with their work and had a blast creating these beautiful pictures.

Black Glue Watercolor Safari Animals

In our drawing and painting class I asked students to think our their favorite safari animals. Students chose their animals and then drew in their outline using a mixture of black paint and glue. After their outline dried they then painting in the background using watercolors. Here are the results!

Stacked Teacups

We did some good ol painting in our drawing and painting class. I provided students with a template image of stacked teacups and my students created their own and making details to make it unique to them.

Straw Painting

I love Fall and with Fall comes exciting and beautiful projects. We decided to do straw painting. Students started by painting their watercolor papers using bright fall colors after it was dried then during the next class we had diluted black paint and placed a drop at the bottom of the paper and then using our straws we created our beautiful trees!

Grid Art Portrait Drawing

For my drawing and painting class I wanted students to practice grid art portait drawing and I wanted the students to be surprised by who they are drawing so none of the students knew who they were drawing. A simple template was cut and then squares double the size were cut  and were given to students and individual section of the image which is then assembled with the others to create a unique work of art. I was inspired for this project from artyfactory. Students enjoyed this project because they were very confident with the results and were able to draw realistically.